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Listing guidelines

Please follow these listing guidelines when listing an item to sell with us;

The right image

The item image is the most important piece of your product detail needs to be the HERO image. A good hero image is eye-catching and attractive, and immediately lets your consumer know what your product is all about, how it's used, and why they want it. Critically, the hero image is also used as the main image in your product search, and needs to be immediately identifiable from a thumbnail. It should always convey the product in the most attractive light.

Use additional images to show your packaging from all angles, the product inside and outside the packaging, and one or two lifestyle images demonstrating how the consumer would use the product, and how much they'll love it.

The right title

If the first thing your consumer sees on their buying journey is the hero image, the second is the title. The Title lets them know exactly what the product is; keep your title within 80-100 characters.

The best format for a title varies by category, but should begin with your brand name If any), then the line/sub brand, then one important distinguisher (model number, fabric type, etc.), then the product type, and lastly the colour and pack size (if any). For example:

“Vero Moda - Women Fit and Flare Cotton Blue Dress”

The right product category

It is recommended choosing the right product category for your item. Choosing incorrect category may affect your item being removed by our system or not displaying in the right category, hence loss of sale.

The right product condition

It is absolute necessary to inform your prospective customers about the item condition – if you are selling a used item then you MUST select condition as used and if it’s a new item then you select condition as new. Customers do not like to be misleading, and if they are then it may have negative impact on your selling ratings.

The right product description

A well-written product description explains the benefits of the product and convinces the customer that they not only want the product but also need it. Your product description is the one you have to grab their attention to because it can easily attract them and make them place an order.

Avoid cutting-and-pasting from your physical packaging, and instead use the space to write a paragraph directly to the e-commerce consumer.

The right product location

We recommend not using your home address as location, instead using a nearby/close location to your home when you list an item to sell.

The right product search keyword tags

You can add up to 3 search tags per item. Use all relevant tags as this will help user find your product more easily. You can use any of our pre-defined search tags or alternatively add new tags.

Selling Policy

In order to use our commission-free selling platform to sell your items, you MUST follow our policy;

    • 1) Great deals require trust. Act with integrity with all counterparts;
    • 2) Only sell good quality products;
    • 3) Must follow our listing guidelines (as above);
    • 4) If the item not yours to sell, it’s not for us;
    • 5) Keep your product inventory/listings up to date at all times;
    • 6) Respond to shoppers/buyers queries within 24 hours;
    • 7) Do not abuse, bully or mislead shoppers/buyers;
    • 8) Always meet in neutral/public space to close a deal;
    • 9) Don't sell any prohibited items (see below);
    • 10) And finally, be nice and kind to your shoppers/buyers.

Prohibited Items on Tomlibo

By entering into this Agreement and posting/listing an item for sale, Seller agrees to complete the transaction as described by this Agreement. Seller agrees not to publish, offer for sale, and sell or otherwise on, through or connected with your sale, distribute any of the following items or related items:

    • Livestock, pets, animals
    • Any type of lottery tickets
    • Destructive devices, weapons and explosives
    • Prohibited services, including; charitable goods & fundraising
    • Currency & stamps (only antiques allowed)
    • Pornography including; child pornography materials, X-rated videos
    • Counterfeit items
    • Burglary tools
    • Stock and other financial securities
    • Any type of documents, including; identity, government, personal etc.
    • Illegal or pharmaceutical/prescribed drugs
    • Medical tools
    • Stolen property
    • Digital/downloadable files
    • Tobacco products
    • Alcoholic products; or
    • Any product or service that is illegal or marketed or sold in such a way as to create liability for Tomlibo.

We welcome and encourage you to provide feedback, comments and suggestions for improvements to the Site, Applications and Services. If you have any questions, complaints or claims, please contact us using our help-desk.